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ClassifyIt [klasɪfʌɪ ɪt ]


ClassifyIt, means CLASSIFY IT, in other words give it a classification, and promotes that documents receive a classification. A classification includes a visible marking and a technical label and is the first step in achieving information security and prevening data leak.

you should classify and mark your documents. Knowing the classificaiton of your documents is the first and almost the most important steps to protect your information in your documents.

ClassifyIt ensures data classifications through human readable markings and technical lables.



Planned Improvements

- add BCC\CC functionality to Outlook

- add enforced Email delivery notification

- include security markings in PDF documents

- add the cli-encryption to Explorer


A security tool to support and enforce security markings on Outlook and Word applications of the Microsoft (R) Office (TM) 2010 applications, and higher versions thereof.

A classification could look like this:

What - Example: Information classification according to ISO 27001

ISO 27001 does not prescribe the levels of classification – this is something you should develop on your own, based on what is common in your country or in your industry. The bigger and more complex your organization is, the more levels of confidentiality you will have – for example, for a mid-size organization you may use this kind of information classification levels with three confidential levels and one public level:

  • Confidential (top confidentiality level)
  • Restricted (medium confidentiality level)
  • Internal use (lowest level of confidentiality)
  • Public (everyone can see the information)


Use ClassifyIt when you need to mark word documents or emails with security classification lables to either mark them with a security classification or with a sensitivity label to show the sensitivity of the information contained in the document or email.


Information classification is a vital part for ISO 27001 certifications. Without classifying your information, it cannot be decided how the information should be handled and which controls should be established to protect the information. Only by classifying the information your company/organisation can you properly protect its value. If you don’t classify it, your information and therefore its knowledge might be at risk.

Documents and emails are the main media to transfer information with others. If you need to support data leak prevention, ClassifyIt is an effective measure. It  supports the security markings of documents (for example OPEN, RESTRICTED or SECRET) and markings indicating the releasability of the document (for example PUBLIC, INTERNAL, MANAGEMENT). With such markings all of your users know how to handle the document and on boundaries to external networks your guarding technology (e.g. mailguard) could verify that a recipient is allowed to receive such classified documents.


ClassifyIt supports 3 encryption schema - each schema uses AES-256 encryption:

     1. Standard Encryption: encrypts with build in keys and can be decrypted by any user of ClassifyIt

     2. Pin Encryption: encrypts with a key which is based on a PIN the user provides. Only recipients who are given the PIN (for example by phone) can decrypt.

     3. Public Key Encryption: encrypts by using the public key of the recipient(s). Only recipients who have the corresponding Private key can decrypt.


If you have a security marking policy for your company and use ClassifyIt to support and enforce this security marking policy. If you don't have a security marking policy you should create a simple one and then use ClassifyIt to support and enforce it - a great starter is the Traffic Light Protocol which is widely used by governmental organisations (see for instance the following WIKI link:

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Financial Factsheet


  • Volume Price: 10€ - 30€ (+VAT) per license
  • Annual Subscription: 50% of license cost
  • Licenses are Perpetual
  • Subscription: Support, Upgrades



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